Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wipe Alternatives

So, yeah, I'm behind on my blog.  Shocker.  I'm going to write something today...we'll see how long this whole blog updating thing continues.  Today's post has absolutely nothing to do with an update on me or my family, but it will hopefully provide you with some great wipe alternatives when you're out and about.  (I use the term "great" extremely loosely in this situation)

For example, should you need to pull a quick, yet very messy diaper change on the awesome BLUE shag carpet in your tiny church's cry room here are some helpful hints.  First off, bring wipes with you.  Oh you'd think, second child, many years of attending church and carrying a diaper bag, I'd remember to bring wipes with me.  Yeah, I don't.  So, in that time when you're in desperate need and you're digging through your purse hoping to find might eye your trusty bottle of "sweet pea" sanitizer (or some other weird named B&BW's scented sanitizer).  See, that's what I did...then I grabbed the box of tissues...and just continued wiping and squirting sanitizer until it all came off.  Then, I texted my friend and told her what an awesome mom I am.  Because I sure felt like a rockstar in that moment...I mean, who can battle that kind of ingenuity?  Just call me girl scout of the year (just ignore the fact that "being prepared" is the pinnacle of scouting and pretend that MacGyver type skills are better).

Second scenario: your 4 year old son comes tearing into your room at 2 AM.  He screams that "he's pooping, he's pooping."  You jump out of bed, praying it is at least staying somewhat contained and that he is no where near your new bedding.  Thankfully, he was not actually pooping yet, but we all know that awesome feeling when your stomach is...ahem...sick.  Well, I needed wipes...or at least something to help him clean up.  I know what you're thinking, you're in the bathroom, just use TP.  Well you see, if you had that idea you're one of two people: 1) you don't share a bathroom with a 4 year old who uses gobs of TP in which you never realize you're out until an extremely inopportune time...or 2) you don't have a 2 year old who "steals" the TP that your certain male counterpart never actually puts on the TP roll.  All that to say, you need something to wipe with and there's nothing to be found.  Here it comes, are you ready for it?  Makeup remover wipes.  Yes, I am that awesome that I wiped with green tea scented makeup remover.  My friend is thankful I did not text her after this incident.  For all of you reading these great tips, you're welcome.  (See, "great" used loosely again!)


Anonymous said...

if she just pees I like to use my tonge, lick it really good and watch her kick , my granddaughter loves it